Vertex standard vxa-710 manual

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Ideal for airplanes with 24-28VDC power, when 12VDC socket power is needed. Fine for NAV/COM units, radio, GPS, Laptop, or other portable electronic devices. Note: The BP-210N battery listed above is desned for the IC-A24 & IC-A6. Plugs into 12-24VDC socket; other end plugs into side of radio. Provides hh-watt TX, and re-charges your battery as well !

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It also fits MANY other ICOM radios (IC-V8, IC-V82, IC-F3, IC-F4, IC-U82, etc.) It is a different item from the BP-210 battery for ham & commercial radio. Has built-in Voltage & Current regulation, and built-in Noise Filtering. Specially desned for radios such as FTA-230, FTA-310, FTA-710; VXA-100, VXA-150, VXA-210, VXA-220, VXA-300, VXA-700, VXA-710, Aviator Pilot, Aviator Pro, Aviator Pro II, IV, V, VI; many more !

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One end plugs into a 12-13.8VDC lhter socket; the other end plugs into the radio Enables Hh-Watt DC operation & Slow-charging of the battery; it also plugs into the back of the CD-15A desktop rapid charger. VXA-100 (Aviator Pilot), VXA-120 (Aviator Pro II), VXA-150 (Aviator Pro V), VXA-200 (Aviator Pilot II), VXA-210, VXA-210 LITE, VXA-220 (Aviator Pro VI), VXA-300 (Aviator Pilot III), VXA-300 Lite ; STANDARD-HORIZON HX270S, HX370S, HX500S, HX600S, etc.

Operating Manual -

Charges battery IF the radio has internal charging contact, and IF your battery has the matching charging contacts.

Vertex standard vxa-710 manual:

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