Radio shack pro-79 user manual

Radio Shack Scanner PRO-70 User Guide

This scanner gives you direct access to over 25,000 exciting fre- quencies, including those used 20-314Page 3 Monday, December 13, 1999 PM Weather Alert — the scanner automatiy sounds an alert when it receives a weather emergency snal, providing more complete information about weather conditions in your immedi- ate area.

Radio Shack pro 95 User Guide

Weather Band Key — scans seven preprogrammed weather frequencies to keep you informed about current weather condi- tions.

<em>Radio</em> <em>Shack</em> Scanner PRO-70 <em>User</em> Guide

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Turn the Scanner On and Off Adjust the Volume and Squelch Store Known Frequencies into Channels Search Service Banks and Store Active Frequencies Use Direct Search How to Find and Store Active Frequencies Use Monitor Memory Work with Stored Channels Scan Stored Channels Turn Channel-Storage Banks On/Off Monitor a Stored Channel Clear a Stored Channel Reset and Initialize the Scanner Why can't I use a DC Adapter to charge batteries and why can't I use Hh-Capacity Ni Cd's?

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Is there a cable for wired programming for my scanner?

Radio shack pro-79 user manual:

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