Wher25 filter installation manual


Low or Slow Water Production This may be caused by low air pressure in storage tank, low water pressure, crimps in the tubing, clogged pre-filters, or a fouled membrane. Shut off the incoming water to the RO unit at the Adapt-a-Valve 2.

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Turn on (open) your RO faucet and leave in the Open Position. Locate valve on tank (usually just below label there is a blue cap sticking out, remove cap) - attach a bicycle pump to the valve and start pumping - as you are pumping air into the tank you will see the water begin to flow out of the faucet.

Intenza+Filter Installation - Saeco INTELIA HD8752 User." />

Intenza+" Water Filter Installation - Saeco INTELIA HD8752 User.

Keep pumping until no more water comes out the faucet (DO NOT TO OVER FILL THE TANK WITH AIR) 4.

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Once all the water is out of the tank, you will need to check how much air you've pumped into the tank using a Dital Tire Gauge.

Wher25 filter installation manual:

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