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I will be cooking pork loin for about 200 people should I assume that I will need a pound of meat for each person? Eventually it will be sliced and put into chafing pans.

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Thanks Angela Unlike turkey or standing rib roase, pork loin is usually boneless, you need only 1 pound raw boneless pork loin for each 3 persons for a comfortable serving with ordinary side dishes. If you are makong ahead do not microwave, pork doesn't tolerate it. Also, low heat roasting with a thermometer to 160, then remove fromm oven, it continues to cook.

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We're serving 170 people this weekend and aren't sure how much meat to buy. I've already purchased 55 pounds of raw boneless turkey and planning on 50 pounds of boneless ham as well. Allowing for cooking loss, after cooking the turkey you will have around 45 pounds of cooked meat, which is one serving per person.

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You will have a bit more than that of the ham, it doesn't shrink as much. Use a roasting method that is low temp to reduse shrinkage. I will have to transport it after before putting it on a bufeet to serve.

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