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He wrote the bestselling Missing Manual titles on Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS, and Java Script.

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The Missing Credits; About the Author; About the Creative Team; Acknowledgments; The Missing Manual Series; Introduction; What Is Java Script? ; HTML: The Barebones Structure; CSS: Adding Style to Web Pages; Software for Java Script Programming; About This Book; The Very Basics; About the Online Resources; Part 1: Getting Started with Java Script; Chapter 1: Writing Your First Java Script Program; 1.1 Introducing Programming; 1.2 How to Add Java Script to a Page; 1.3 Your First Java Script Program; 1.4 Writing Text on a Web Page; 1.5 Attaching an External Java Script File; 1.6 Tracking Down Errors; Chapter 2: The Grammar of Java Script; 2.1 Statements; 2.2 Built-In Functions; 2.3 Types of Data; 2.4 Variables; 2.5 Working with Data Types and Variables; 2.6 Tutorial: Using Variables to Create Messages; 2.7 Tutorial: Asking for Information; 2.8 Arrays; 2.9 Tutorial: Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays; 2.10 A Quick Object Lesson; 2.11 Comments; Chapter 3: Adding Logic and Control to Your Programs; 3.1 Making Programs React Intelligently; 3.2 Tutorial: Using Conditional Statements; 3.3 Handling Repetitive Tasks with Loops; 3.4 Functions: Turn Useful Code Into Reusable Commands; 3.5 Tutorial: A Simple Quiz; Part 2: Getting Started with j Query; Chapter 4: Introducing j Query; 4.1 About Java Script Libraries; 4.2 Getting j Query; 4.3 Adding j Query to a Page; 4.4 Modifying Web Pages: An Overview; 4.5 Understanding the Document Object Model; 4.6 Selecting Page Elements: The j Query Way; 4.7 Adding Content to a Page; 4.8 Setting and Reading Tag Attributes; 4.9 Reading, Setting, and Removing HTML Attributes; 4.10 Acting on Each Element in a Selection; 4.11 Automatic Pull Quotes; Chapter 5: Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events; 5.1 What Are Events?

<i>JavaScript</i> & <i>jQuery</i> The <i>Missing</i> <i>Manual</i> by David Sawyer McFarland.

JavaScript & jQuery The Missing Manual - O'Reilly Media

; 5.2 Using Events the j Query Way; 5.3 Tutorial: Introducing Events; 5.4 More j Query Event Concepts; 5.5 Advanced Event Management; 5.6 Tutorial: A One-Page FAQ; Chapter 6: Animations and Effects; 6.1 j Query Effects; 6.2 Tutorial: Login Slider; 6.3 Animations; 6.4 Performing an Action After an Effect Is Completed; 6.5 Tutorial: Animated Dashboard; 6.6 j Query and CSS3 Transitions and Animations; Chapter 7: Common j Query Tasks; 7.1 Swapping Images; 7.2 Tutorial: Adding Rollover Images; 7.3 Tutorial: Photo Gallery with Effects; 7.4 Controlling How Links Behave; 7.5 Opening External Links in a New Window; 7.6 Creating New Windows; 7.7 Introducing j Query Plug-ins; 7.8 Build a Responsive Navigation Bar; Chapter 8: Enhancing Web Forms; 8.1 Understanding Forms; 8.2 Adding Smarts to Your Forms; 8.3 Tutorial: Basic Form Enhancements; 8.4 Form Validation; 8.5 Validation Tutorial; Part 3: Getting Started with j Query UI; Chapter 9: Expanding Your Interface; 9.1 What Is j Query UI? ; 9.3 Using j Query UI; 9.4 Adding Messages with Dialog Boxes; 9.5 Providing Information with Tooltips; 9.6 Adding Tabbed Panels; 9.7 Saving Space with Accordions; 9.8 Adding Menus to a Page; Chapter 10: Forms Revisited; 10.1 Picking Dates with Style; 10.2 Stylish Select Menus; 10.3 Styling Buttons; 10.4 Improve Radio Buttons and Checkboxes; 10.5 Providing Hints with Autocomplete; 10.6 j Query UI Form Widget Tutorial; Chapter 11: Customizing the Look of j Query UI; 11.1 Introducing Theme Roller; 11.2 Downloading and Using Your New Theme; 11.3 Overriding j Query UI Styles; Chapter 12: j Query UI Interactions and Effects; 12.1 The Draggable Widget; 12.2 The Droppable Widget; 12.3 Drag-and-Drop Tutorial; 12.4 Sorting Page Items; 12.5 j Query UI Effects; Part 4: Advanced j Query and Java Script; Chapter 13: Introducing Ajax; 13.1 What Is Ajax?

JavaScript & jQuery The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland

; 13.2 Ajax: The Basics; 13.3 Ajax the j Query Way; 13.4 JSON; 13.5 Introducing JSONP; 13.6 Adding a Flickr Feed to Your Site; 13.7 Tutorial: Adding Flickr Images to Your Site; Chapter 14: Building a To-Do List Application; 14.1 An Overview of the Application; 14.2 Add a Button; 14.3 Add a Dialog Box; 14.4 Adding Tasks; 14.5 Marking Tasks as Complete; 14.6 Deleting Tasks; 14.7 Going Further; Part 5: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting; Chapter 15: Getting the Most from j Query; 15.1 Useful j Query Tips and Information; 15.2 Using the j Query Docs; 15.3 Traversing the DOM; 15.4 More Functions for Manipulating HTML; Chapter 16: Going Further with Java Script; 16.1 Working with Strings; 16.2 Finding Patterns in Strings; 16.3 Working with Numbers; 16.4 Dates and Times; 16.5 Writing More Efficient Java Script; 16.6 Putting It All Together; Chapter 17: Troubleshooting and Debugging; 17.1 Top Java Script Programming Mistakes; 17.2 Debugging with the Console; 17.3 Debugging Tutorial; Part 6: Appendix; Java Script Resources; References; Basic Java Script; j Query; Advanced Java Script; CSS; CSS lets you create professional-looking websites, but learning its finer points can be tricky—even for seasoned web developers.

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