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The history of Midway Home Entertainment is a convoluted story of boom and bust that includes the most famous names in the index of America's arcade companies.

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Williams Electronics and Midway merged in the 1990s to create WMS Industries in a bid to remain competitive in a market seeing the rapid decline of the video arcades that were still the core business for both companies.

Sony PlayStation 2 Arcade Video Games eBay

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Following the purchase of Time Warner Interactive (formerly Atari Games, the arcade remnant of the orinal Atari after Time Warner sold off the home console business to Jack Tramiel as Atari Corp.) towards the end of decade, the company became known as Midway Home Entertainment and possessed practiy the whole of American arcade gaming in its IP portfolio.

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Like Namco, Midway was quick to exploit the success of the Sony Playstation, and the nostalgia of the mature gamers who were buying it, by putting out a series of "Greatest Hits" collections with arcade titles from Williams Electronics, Bally Midway and Atari Games spanning the "golden age" from the 80s to the early 90s.

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