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This Yamaha YFM 400 450 600 660 Kodiak Grizzly 1993-2005 ATV Repair Manual by Haynes provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 1993 – 2005 Yamaha Kodiak & Grizzly ATVs including: 2005 Yamaha YFM660FAT Grizzly Auto 4X4 2005 Yamaha YFM450FAT Kodiak Auto 4X4 2005 Yamaha YFM400FAT Kodiak Auto 4X4 2004 Yamaha YFM660FS Grizzly Auto 4X4 2004 Yamaha YFM450FAS Kodiak Auto 4X4 2004 Yamaha YFM400FAS Kodiak Auto 4X4 2004 Yamaha YFM400AS Kodiak 2WD 2003 Yamaha YFM660FR Grizzly Auto 4X4 2003 Yamaha YFM450FAR Kodiak 450 4×4 Ultramatic 2003 Yamaha YFM400FAR Kodiak 4×4 Ultramatic 2003 Yamaha YFM400FAHR Kodiak 4×4 Hunter Ultramatic 2003 Yamaha YFM400AR Kodiak 400 2WD Ultramatic 2002 Yamaha YFM660FP FPS Grizzly Auto 4X4 2002 Yamaha YFM660FHP Grizzly Hunter Edition 2002 Yamaha YFM660 Grizzly 4X4 Automatic 2002 Yamaha YFM400FHAP Kodiak 4X4 Hunter 2002 Yamaha YFM400FAP Kodiak Automatic 4X4 2002 Yamaha YFM 660FHP Grizzly Hunters Edition 2001 Yamaha YFM600FWAN FWAHN Grizzly 4X4 2001 Yamaha YFM400FAN FAHN Kodiak 4WD Auto 2001 Yamaha YFM400AN Kodiak 2WD 2000 Yamaha YFM600HM MC Grizzly Hunting 2000 Yamaha YFM600FWAM MC Grizzly 4X4 2000 Yamaha YFM400FWAHM MC Kodiak 4X4 Realtree 2000 Yamaha YFM400FAHM FAHMC Kodiak 4WD Auto 2000 Yamaha YFM400AM AMC Kodiak 2WD 1999 Yamaha YFM600FWAL LC Grizzly 4X4 1999 Yamaha YFM400FWL C Kodiak 1998 Yamaha YFM600FWAK Grizzly 4X4 1998 Yamaha YFM400FWK Kodiak 1997 Yamaha YFM400FWJ Kodiak 1996 Yamaha YFM400FWH Kodiak 1995 Yamaha YFM400FWG Kodiak 1994 Yamaha YFM400FWF Kodiak 1993 Yamaha YFM400FWE Kodiak Bear Review by Repair This book includes a look at Yamaha and there past, there is a section that explains how to use the manual as well as identification numbers and help with buying spare parts.

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You’ll find information on safety – which is all too often overlooked.

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Haynes 1993-2005 Yamaha Kodiak 400 and 450, Grizzly 600 and 660.

Closely tied to safey is a terrific section on pre-ride checks which includes checking your engine/transmission oil level, brake fluid levels, clutch fluid level, coolant level, tires, suspension, steering and drive chain.

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As you would expect this book contains everything you need to service and repair and troubleshoot the engine, clutch and transmission, cooling system, fuel and exhaust systems, ignition system, frame, suspension and final drive, brakes, wheels and tires, as well as the bodywork.

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