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This trouble shooting reference is desned to help service cians find and eliminate problems with fun karts and mini bikes. Assembly, maintenance and repairs should only be performed by persons of sufficient mechanical s, experience and judgement, so that no unsafe conditions or modifications are made. Stale gas smells like varnish and leaves gummy deposits that clog the tiny jets of the carburetor. Broken, weak, or stretched engine throttle return spring 6. Wrong belt installed, a belt that's too short will cause the machine to creep at idle 3. When the engine is at idle, the driver clutch pulley should not engage the sides of the belt.

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Possible causes are listed in the order of probability; the most likely causes are listed first. Stale Fuel: Gasoline in a vented fuel tank can go stale within 60 days. Broken, weak, or stretched throttle pedal return spring 5. -- Go Karts with rear tires taller than 15" require a Torque Converter. Belt installed backwards (30 Series Only - Flat side goes towards engine) 2. This action overcomes the force of the flywehts against the movable sheave and causes the driver clutch pulley to open, allowing the belt to travel a lesser circumference around the driver clutch.

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Faulty start switch or battery: electric start units 9. Engine idle is set too hh -- Visit the Service Tips Page to read about oiling Centrifugal Clutches that use just a Chain only. As engine rpm decreases, the spring in the driven pulley closes the pulley forcing the belt to a greater circumference.


Clean air filters prevent the engine from ingesting dirt and sand that damage internal working parts. Throttle cable is grounding to engine stop terminal 8. This action in turn causes the belt to force open the driven pulley, allowing the belt to travel at a lesser circumference around the driven pulley.

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