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(3) Provides separate authority to appoint individuals in covered positions and to fix compensation.

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(4) Provides for the establishment of overseas recruitment and retention incentives, in addition to basic pay, when living costs or conditions of environment warrant.

Department of Defense <b>Civilian</b> <b>Personnel</b> <b>Manual</b>

DoD Instruction 5160.71, January 26, 2009; Incorporating Change 1.

(5) Provides for termination of employment without appeal outside the DOD, when in the interests of the United States, and when the procedures prescribed in other provisions of law cannot be invoked in a manner consistent with national security. Policy The following policies establish the foundation for CIPMS within the Army: a. (3) All positions in GS/GM-1710-, GS/GM-1712-, or GS/GM-1702..series, which are located in an organization performing an intelligence mission and which require intelligence-related knowledge skills, abilities (KSAs). MACOM CP-35 Career Program Managers (CPMs) CPMs will serve as primary functional point of contact for the IPMO on CIPMS issues and perform other CIPMS-related duties as delegated by the SIO. This may be the activity career program manager for CP-35. Ensure that any delegation of authority is according to the policy stated in paragraph 1-5c of the regulations.

DoD 1400.25-M, "Department of Defense Civilian Personnel.

Comply with congressional intent of the Intelligence Authorization Act of FY 1987. Uphold the spirit and intent of the merit system principles as set forth in section 2301, title 5, United States Code, to include equal employment opportunity (EEO). Firmly establish the concept of shared responsibility and accountability for civilian personnel management between line managers and the civilian personnel officer (CPO) at all levels. (4) All scientific sad technical positions engaged in targeting and/or the engineering physical or technical sciences in an intelligence function, which are assigned to an organizational component performing an intelligence mission. (Also, see AR 690-950.) CIPMS is a total personnel management system and includes employees outside the scope of CP-35. Implement CIPMS, ensuring that local programs end procedures are effective, efficient, flexible, free of regulatory impediments, linked to budgetary considerations, and supportive of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Evaluate and take action to ensure the effectiveness of CIPMS personnel management, including compliance with legal and regulator, requirements, and equitable application of entitlements and benefits. Commanders will ensure that any local CIPMS policies and procedures are developed and implemented jointly by functional management end the civilian personnel staff. Activity career program managers (ACPMs) CIPMS is a total personnel management system and includes employers outside the scope of CP-35.

Dod civilian personnel manual cpm:

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