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Here is the naked laid out plate, and the finished since I took my sweet time on this build, I was not going to mess it up, I wanted it to sound as good as possible so, slow and steady was the theme and boy did it pay off. I have learned several things from all the different builds that I’ve done.1.

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You don’t have to use so much solder that you close the terminal holes, a good joint only requires enough solder to join the wire/part to the terminal, make sure the joint is hot enough and the solder will just flow.

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Only use enough to get the job done, if you have to go back later and add something you missed or move a part, removing all that solder can be a huge pain.2.

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Neatness counts, heaven forbid you have to go back and work on it or troubleshoot a problem like hum or no sound from one channel.

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