Symbols used in the cpt manual


In the fast-paced world of coding today, many coders specialize in either inpatient or outpatient coding.

Describe these symbols and their importance for

This is a necessity in many large institutions, but for the coder contemplating the certified coding specialist (CCS) exam, a lack of familiarity with the basics of CPT coding can be a detriment.

Using <em>CPT</em> Codes

Using CPT Codes

This column will provide an overview of CPT coding basics for the coding professional who is primarily experienced in inpatient coding.

Part 2 CPT Codes and Symbols Provide short

Although there are many who profess that one system is superior to another, it's more important to realize that both systems have their unique advantages that the coder should be aware of and capitalize on.

Symbols used in the cpt manual:

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