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PROGRAMMING THE SCANNER Follow these steps to store frequencies in channels. Select a channel to program by pressing MANUAL, entering the channel number you want to program, and pressing MANUAL. LOCKING OUT CHANNELS You can make the scanner scan more efficiently by locking out channels that you have not programmed.

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If you want to program the next channel in sequence, simply press MANUAL and repeat Steps 2-4.

SOLVED <b>Radio</b> <b>shack</b> <b>scanner</b> <b>pro</b>-2039 Owner <b>manual</b> 200-0462 - Fixya

SOLVED Radio shack scanner pro-2039 Owner manual 200-0462 - Fixya

# 7309 SETTING THE VOLUME AND SQUELCH CONTROLS Rotate VOLUME clockwise and SQUELCH counterclockwise until you hear a hissing sound. The programmed frequency appears on the display, one dit at a time. Tips for Programming A good reference for active frequencies is Radio Shack's Police Directory including Fire and Emergency Services. The scanner automatiy rounds the frequency to the nearest valid number.

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Then, slowly rotate SQUELCH clockwise until the noise stops. If the scanner picks up unwanted weak transmissions, rotate SQUELCH clockwise to decrease the scanner's sensitivity to snals. We update this directory every year, so be sure to get a current copy. For example, if you try to enter a frequency of 151.373, your scanner accepts it as 151.475.

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