Reddy heater pro 150 owners manual

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A loss of ONLY 1 psi translates to a 30% to 17% loss of FUEL FLOW (starvation).

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You must know the specified required pressure and set the pressure accordingly. The shorter projection with a hole on the left has a square plug inserted. Screw in the nipple end of the gauge into the threaded hole. The other hole (longer projection) has a screw with a hole which adjusts a ball and spring relief valve assembly.

Torpedo <em>heater</em>- How to set the air pump pressure on a <em>Reddy</em> <em>Heater</em>.

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Carefully adjust the screw until the gauge is reading the pressure level that is specified on the heater's label.

Read and understand this manual before assembling, starting, or.

If operating properly, the pump should produce more pressure than is required to operate the heater.

Reddy heater pro 150 owners manual:

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