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Fure A: Parrot CK3000 Evo Fure B: Connects2 CTPPAR007 Fure C: Remove Trim Fure D: Remove Radio Fure E: Remove Center Vent Fure F: Remove Glove Compartment Fure G: Wiring Connections Fure H: Removed Blue Pin Fure I: Run wiring to glove compartment Fure J: Connect Wiring harness to stock radio harness Fure K: Connect wiring to Modules Fure L: Removed Pillar Trim Fure M: Run microphone wire Fure N: Mount Microphone Fure O: Comparison of 17 Pin and 40 Pin connector Please consult your shop manual. (Fure E) I do this to run harness behind the vents. ADJUSTING VOLUME OF When has connected the VOLUME KEYS will adjust the volume of the Total Cost of Parts ~$150 The Parrot CK3000 was $65 off ebay.

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This is a cheap solution for installing bluetooth in your E46. There isn't much room behind the radio for the additional connectors / wires. I've seen some cheaper ones on Ebay going for $30-40.

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This install uses the Parrot Ck3000 Evolution Bluetooth (Fure A) and the Connects2 Parrot steering wheel adapter (Fure B). You just need to make sure you get the Parrot CK3000 Evolution modules.

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The Connects2 adapter allows you to use your steering wheel buttons to control the bluetooth functions ( / hang up / volume / answer). Many people retrofit the OEM BMW bluetooth modules in their cars. Parrot also has the CK3000 Evo re-branded as some Eclipse Bluetooth Units (BT-E500 / BT-E600), and they work fine.

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