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Recovering a Bricked Chuwi Hi12 Caused by Corrupt Bios -

Glance MSC is operating in two business areas Distribution cal Department Boards Systems Impact Description Distribution of electronic components Service Support around Europe including Desn-In, Supply Chain Management and many more MSC-GE ranks 4th among the Distributors in Germany Customised Engineering and Desn-In of PCBA s Medical technology Industrial-PC Embedded Computer Display & Grafik Assembly of boards USP by combination with our distribution department USP with integrated customdesned circuits Synergistic effect associated with distribution side Engineering & production of components, systems and devices for OEM customers Complete manufacture Komplette Fertung from concept to finished system Historiy with focus on medical technology, Displays and Industrial-PC s Aktive Diversifizierungsstrategie ca. 36 % Implementation scalable up/down Flash Page Description (.txt)/ Graphics (.bmp) User parameters to interface all TFT types SDRAM/ DDR1/2/3 SDRAM/ DDR1/2/3 Ctrl SPI/ Parallel Flash Display Controller TFT Wishbone Touch Sw application Sw API IQ-Engine SW / Touch screen Mico32 UART/S PI/ I2C UART/ SPI/ I2C /Parallel IQ-Graph Blit 2D Accelerator : Vending Machine, Dashboard, GPS Navation, Medical Surveillance, Generic Remote Terminal Automotive, PLC, Heating System, etc... Depending on the used connector the total heht varies between 12.2 and 9.9 mm (without heatspreader) If heat sink is required 18 nanorisc AM335x Module NANORISC-AM335x Texas Instruments AM335x Cortex -A8 from 300MHz up to 800MHz Up to 512MByte DDR3 SDRAM soldered Up to 512MByte SLC NAND Flash soldered Up to 64Gbyte emmc Flash 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Interface Optional 2nd 10/100 or Gb E LAN USB 2.0 Hh Speed (Host OTG) Versatile Graphics Interface RGB 16/18/24 bit up to 1366 x 768 CAN 2.0B, 3x UART, 2x SPI, 2x I²C I²S Audio Interface SD V2.0 / SDIO V1.0 / MMC V4.2 19 nanorisc AM335x Module Hhts ARM Cortex-A8 32-bit RISC CPU at 300MHz, 500MHz, 600MHz or 800MHz NEON SIMD Coprocessor 32KB/32KB of L1 Instruction/Data Cache with Single-Error Detection (parity) 256KB of L2 Cache with Error Correcting Code (ECC) SGX530 Graphics Accelerator Engine (option) LCD Controller supporting up to 1366 x 768 resolution (HD) Real-Time Clock (RTC) USB 2.0 Hh-Speed Host and OTG Ports with integrated PHY 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Optional Gb E or 2nd 10/100 LAN Interface; optional RT-Ethernet Serial Interfaces including: Controller Area Network Port (CAN) 2x UARTs, 2x I2C Ports, 2x SPI Interfaces Audio Interfaces: I2S, SPDIF, Mc ASP MMC / SD Interface and 1x CF Card Port microsd Card Socket soldered on Module Watchdog Timer Battery Charger supporting 1x Lithium Cell LED Backlht Interface incl.

E-Dine A Touch Screen Based E-Restaurant Management System

Scalable/Mrable Lattice products: XO ECP3-17 ECP2-12 Seite 6 IQ-Engine Capabilities & GUI Elements Capabilities: Hy optimized graphics engine running on the Lattice Mico32 CPU and/or external CPU such as ARM Utilizes the IQ-Graph Blit FPGA-based 2D Graphics accelerator to render hh quality 2D graphics GUI elements: Renders touch screen user interfaces composed out of standard elements: Labels and images Push-buttons and Toggle-buttons Sliders, scrollbars and knobs Indicators Numeric, text and message fields Dynamic graphics Bar-graphs Gauges Trends Import external objects Seite 7 IQ-Engine: Graphical Tool to desn GUI IQ-Editor WYSIWYG GUI Editor Allows touch screen HMI interfaces to be desned in a graphical environment Standard graphics themes Fully custom graphics GUI elements can be bound to the Tag database or assned UI actions Visualization of Tag data Modification of Tag data Video mixing settings can be controlled directly from the GUI Seite 8 Display Ecosystem Versatile & Scalable The IQ-Display ecosystem consists of: FPGA components IQ-Disp Lite display controller IP core IQ-Graph Blit graphic accelerator IP core Optional: IQ-MEM memory controller IQ-Link SPI SPI bridge Firmware components IQ-Engine embedded graphics engine Software components IQ-Editor WYSIWYG HMI project editor Seite 9 nanorisc Performance Range New COM family from MSC The main targets: CPU range from ARM9 up to ARM Cortex-A9 multi core... Resolution TTL 1366x x x x x768 Audio, dital 1 1 I2S, option AC97, PCM or HDA 1 (I2S or AC97 or PCM) 1 (I2S or AC97 or PCM) 1 (I2S) 1 (I2S or AC97 or PCM) TV Out Touch wire Touch Camera PCIe x 1, (FFU) 0 1 for future use SATA, (FFU) 0 1 for future use Local Bus CF Card 0 1 shared with Local Bus PWM 0 2 Timer 2 2 *) max. Current Source for LED Backlht 20 nanorisc Base Board MB2 nanorisc Baseboard MB2 Mi ni HDMI LAN USB Host USB OTG Headphone Line Ou t Line In MIC CAN Connector Power 1 COM 0 & COM 1 Power 2 Camera Port Backlht Graphic LVDS SD Card Graphic 50 pin GPIO Connector Power, Support depends on PMIC program Backlht External Bus Interface Reset 21 nanorisc Software Support Model Software LINUX (Android - future) Win CE Customer Application Application MSC Operating System Drivers LINUX 2.6 Drivers Win CE 6.0 / 7 MSC Bootloader UBOOT EBOOT Win CE BSP and Support is in preparation at a partner company 22 nanorisc Main Advantages Summary Why should I use nanorisc Modules? More information SBC8100 Single Board Computer TI OMAP3530 Processor based on 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core (for SBC8100) TI DM3730 Processor based on 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core (for SBC8100 Plus) Flexible Desn with a Tiny More information ARM Processors for Computer-On-Modules Christian Eder Marketing Manager congatec AG COM Positioning Proprietary Modules Qseven COM Express Proprietary Modules Small Module Powerful Module No standard feature More information Linux Dev Boards Tagung Forth Gesellschaft e.v.

Recovering a Bricked Chuwi Hi12 Caused by Corrupt Bios -

FriendlyARM mini2440 - SOS

And more Performance up to medium x86 level Deeply-embedded interface (easy system integration) Low power / passive cooling (mostly no heat sink required) Low cost / small form factor 11 nanorisc nanorisc - Target Target : POI Terminals POS / Cash Register Terminals Any kind of low and medium HMI Medical Equipment Industrial Equipment (non ruggedized) Low to medium Dital Snage Home Automation (Domotics) V2o IP (Video and Voice over IP) Video Surveillance Taxi Meters w/ Navation and Multimedia Mobile Devices Small panel PC Embedded PC 12 nanorisc System I/O of the Module 2 x USB (2 Host, 1 OTG / Client) System IO MIN MAX 3 x UART LAN 10/100/ (1000, FFU) 1 1 MMC / SD x I2C SPI x SPI I2C 1 2 UART 1 3 UART Debug 1 1 Display (TTL, TFT 18/24Bit) (MIPI alternative) Touch (4 wire IF) USB Host 0 2 USB Client or OTG 0 1 Display 18/24 TTL, (AO) 1 1 HDMI, (AO) 0 1 Audio, dital 1 1 TV Out 0 1 Touch 0 1 Camera 0 1 PCIe x 1, (FFU) 0 1 DDR 2 SDRAM 128MByte - 2GByte ARM Processor Camera IF 1 x MMC / SD Card CF Card GPIO (PWM / Timer / Counter ) Audio (AC97 / I2S / PCM / SPDIF) CAN Controller MCP2515 Connector MXM 230 PIN SATA, (FFU) 0 1 Local Bus 0 1 CF Card 0 1 PWM 2 2 NAND FLASH 128MByte - 2GByte Ethernet 10/100 MAC PHY ENC624J600 Local Bus (8 or 16 bit bus) LAN Timer 2 2 CAN, (AO) 0 1 MIPI, (AO) 0 1 JTAG 0 1 Battery Management 1 1 Note: (FFU) = For Future Use (AO) = Assembly Otion Clock Distribution SEEPROM microsd Card Slot JTAG - UART CPU Specific GPIOs PMIC-W3810 -Power- Management 5VDC Supply Lithium Battery 14 nanorisc System I/O per Module System IO MIN MAX Note LAN 10/100/ (1000, FFU) 1 1 S5PV210 Cortex A8 S5PC100 Cortex A8 Module Support AM335x Cortex A8 S3C2416 ARM 9 plan of record Cortex A9 MAC / PHY on board, Transformer on carrier 1 1 1(2) 1 1 MMC / SD 1 2 One micro SD Slot on module SPI I2C UART 1 2(3) Tx / Rx / RTSn / CTSn 2(3) 2(3) 2(3) 2(3) 2(3) UART Debug 1 1 Debug UART on module USB Host (2.0) 1 (1.1) 1 (2.0) 1 (1.1) 1 (2.0) USB Client or OTG (OTG, 2.0) 1 (OTG, 2.0) 1 (OTG, 2.0) 1 (Client, 1.1) 1 (OTG, 2.0) Display 18/24 TTL, (AO) HDMI / LVDS (AO) 0 1 1/0 1/0 0/0 0/0 1/2 Max. not specified because of multi functions pins *) max. Huge CPU scalability from ARM9 (400MHz) to Cortex A8 (300MHz 1GHz) ARM CPUs offer a lot of interfaces without additional cost for the baseboard Low cost module desned for hh quantities Low power, usually no cooling requirements Provided interface ideal for embedded solutions Full Linux and Win CE support 23 SBC8600B Single Board Computer 720MHz TI s Sitara AM3359 ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor Onboard 512MByte DDR3 SDRAM and 512MByte NAND Flash UARTs, 2*USB Host and 1*OTG, 2*Ethernet, CAN, RS485, LCD/TSP, Audio, More information SABRE Lite Development Kit Freescale 6Quad ARM Cortex A9 processor at 1GHz per core 1GByte of 64-bit wide DDR3 @ 532MHz UART, USB, Ethernet, CAN, SATA, SD, JTAG, I2C Three Display Ports (RGB, LVDS More information Standardization with ARM on COM Qseven Zeljko Loncaric, Marketing engineer congatec overview COM concept and ARM positioning ARM vendor and standard decision Freescale ARM COM on Qseven conga-qmx6 mulitmedia More information ARM Cortex -A8 SBC with MIPI CSI Camera and Spartan -6 FPGA SBC1654 Features ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 800MHz Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA expands vision processing capabilities Dual MIPI CSI-2 CMOS camera ports, More information Embedded Display Module EDM6070 Atmel AT91SAM9X35 Based Single Board Computer BY Product Overview Version 1.0 Dated: 3 rd Dec 2013 Table of Contents Product Overview... Maerz 2014 file:///home/cas/talk/linux-boards/html/1/26 Linux Boards "embedded" Boards mit Linux Forth ideal fuer die Boards mit wen More information Video/Cameras, Hh Bandwidth Data Handling on imx6 Cortex-A9 Single Board Computer The SBC4661 is a powerful 1 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A9 with multiple video ports, quad USB3.0 and dual G E Ethernet.

Innovative development and deployment of Intuitive Human

Not specified because of multi functions pins CAN, (AO) MIPI, (AO) 0 1 only present if supported by CPU 1 (Full) 1 (Full) JTAG 0 1 JTAG on module Battery Management Note: 1 (I2S) (FFU) = For Future Use (AO) = Assembly Otion 15 nanorisc System I/O Evaluation Board MB2 Evaluation Board MB2 2 x USB (2 Host, 1 OTG / Client) 2 x UART 2 x I2C USB Power RS232 PHY 2 x Type A, 1 x Type B, 1 x OTG 2 x DSUB 9 Graphics connector 50 pin 2 x SPI Graphics connector 50 pin Display (TTL, TFT 18 /24Bit) (MIPI alternative) Graphics connector 50pin & 40 pin Touch (4 wire IF) FFC, 4 pin MSC Camera IF 1 x MMC / SD Card IDC Connector, 1 x 20 pin MMC/SD Connector Low Cost HDMI / DVI HDMI Connector RISC Module Backlht control Audio (AC97) Audio Codec IDC Connector, 20 pin Audio Connector 1x CAN CAN PHY IDC Connector, 10 pin LAN ETH Transformer RJ 45 Local Bus IDC Connector 50pin CPU Specific GPIOs / SPI IDC Connector 20 pin Power Supply Power Connectors Lithium Batterie Gold Capacitor 16 Mechanical Data (2) nanorisc Form Factor Module PCB Standard use Depending of socket used Carrier PCB max. Using More information MPX28 System On Module Processor: Freescale i.mx287, 454 MHz based on ARM926EJ-S RAM: 128MB DDR2-400 SDRAM ROM: 128MB NAND Flash Power supply Single 4.5V to 5.5V Size 33mm SO-DIMM format Temp.-Range 0 More information Operator Touch Panel PC OTP/57V esom2586 / x86 3U Operator Touch Panel Device with 5.7 VGA LCD, Touch Screen, Embedded PC and Java 6 Product Information Description The OTP/57V is a compact PC-based open More information A-307 Mobile Data Terminal Android OS Platform Datasheet Revision 1.1 July, 2013 Introduction A-307 Platform Overview Introduction A-307 Platform Overview The A-307 provides Orinal Equipment Manufacturers More information A-317 Mobile Data Terminal Android Platform Datasheet Revision 1.4 October, 2014 Disclaimer: Micronet reserves the rht to change product specifications without prior notice. More information Instant Graphical User Interface Solutions Why you need a new User Interface Thanks to the iphone & Smart Phones Customer GUI expectations have changed Monochrome character LCDs and button style keypads More information SBC6245 Single Board Computer 400MHz Atmel AT91SAM9G45 ARM 926EJ-STM Microcontroller On Board 128MB Nand Flash plus 128MB DDR2 SDRAM RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB Host, LCD, Touch Screen, RTC, Supports for More information Features Excellent C/P ratio (cost/performance) Hh-resolution color touch screen RTC (Real Time Clock) Supports 1 Serial Port (RS-232/RS-485, including Self-Tuner) Rubber Keypad WYSIWYG (What You See More information The shortest path to cellular communications: Cellular Development Platform Multi-Tech Overview 40 years focused on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications 80 patents 20 million devices, thousands of More information Von der Hardware zur Software in FPGAs mit Embedded Prozessoren Alexander Hahn Senior Field Application Engineer Lattice Semiconductor AGENDA Overview Mico32 Embedded Processor Development Tool Chain HW/SW More information Banana Pi Open-Source Router Board The Banana Pi Router Board is a 300Mbps Wireless N Router with both wired and wireless network connections desned specifiy for smart home networking use.

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