Manual navy arms zouave rifle

Zouave US Model 1863 Rifle, Rifles Zouave US Model 1863 1862.

A used PH 1858 costs what a new Pedersoli sells for and will keeps in value longer i believe. I don't know what the serial # cut-off was for the 1970s Brit made P-Hs, but they are very good.

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If you are not dead set on a Zouave an 1858 Parker Hale(the 100% Brit made ones) would be my choice. Its the same basic length and are stellar shooters and better sights.

<i>Zouave</i> US Model 1863 <i>Rifle</i>, <i>Rifles</i> <i>Zouave</i> US Model 1863 1862.

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I think they were made in both full length 3 band (39" bbl? I will say the Pedersoli's I've looked at were very nice- never owned one though.

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Also, the Zoli's vary a little in fit and finish but usually have nice bores- and shoot well.

Manual navy arms zouave rifle:

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