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It sounds just like the magnetron is bad, overheating and opening the thermostat. One other thing is to be sure that the cooling fan is running and that you feel air flow.

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You should check the air filter and grille, as well as the outside vent for any blockage. If your appliance has absolutely no functions at all, remove it from the mains supply, remove the case and see where the mains lead goes in to the appliance and follow the cable until you find the main fuse.

GE <b>Profile</b>™ Built-In <b>Microwave</b>/<b>Convection</b> <b>Oven</b> JEB1095SB GE.

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If you or a friend decide to work on it, we have *critical* safety, disassembly, and troubleshooting info at our site, which is linked at our listing here on Fix Ya: You can find helpful exploded view diagrams and order parts by entering your model number here: I have the same issue. ONLY USE THE SAME TYPE AND RATING OF FUSE TO REPLACE IT.

GE Profile™ Built-In Microwave/Convection Oven JEB1095SB GE.

The Handle broke off my GE Microwave Oven (Model JVM1190SY 001). I tried to replace the handle with a nice drawer pull but couldn't find a size pull to match and I broke the plastic cover trying to get access to the screws for the handle, which is why I decided to buy the new door. This oven was manufactured in 2001, seems the handles have a 7 year life span. The usual cause of this fuse failure is the door switches are contaminated or sticking.

Ge profile performance microwave convection oven manual:

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